A “bitter, but getting better” Valentine’s Day greeting….

Happy Valentine’s Day Dynamos!! And for most people today brings one of two options: lots of love from love ones or thoughts of who was the moron that even thought up Valentine’s Day?! lol.  If you’re the latter of the two, this post is for you :-) First, Saint Valentine’s Day traditionally called Valentine’s Day is named after ”Saint Valentine” and ”celebrates love and affection between intimate companions”.  So if you don’t have any intimate companions aka you’re not getting any, lol,  you’re probably extra grumpy today. Valentine’s Day is also a day to reach out to love ones and let them know they are special.  Of course, the day is much better topped with flowers, presents, dinner and “dessert“ with an extra special love one, …but regular love ones are cool too, lol.  In all seriousness, when one is bitter about not having a “Valentine“, it’s hard to recognize and receive love from family and friends trying to reach out.  When I’m sad about having no love interest, my mom always asks me ”when are you gonna snap out of that?!”  So if you’re sad or bitter I ask you, “when are you gonna snap out of that?!” lol. Remember, the sooner you acknowledge and manage your hurt feelings, the sooner the May flowers come. And like Oprah tells us “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could’ve been different.”  Snap out of dwelling in the past and start dwelling in the present. Today is especially a great day to start because you’ll be receiving extra love from family and friends anyway :-) and if for nothing else, you don’t want to be jaded on Valentine’s Day. The bitter V-day thing is so early 2000′s, lol. Plus while everyone else is out getting some tonight, you can read about getting some.  I mean it’s more romantic than watching porn :-) xx

Happy Valentines Day!! :-) xx

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