“her 112 cd blast…” Playlist

So the other night, I caught an Oprah re-run filled with male groups from our teenage years.  The Backstreet Boys brought me right back to my JHS days :-)   And while they were cool, it got me thinking about the male R&B groups that we go gaga over.  I’m talking Jodeci, Boys II Men, Soul 4 Real, Dru Hill, Next, Immature, ABC, B2K, Jagged Edge, I mean I can go on forever, lol.  But for everyone, there’s always that one group.  And for me that one would be 112.  I have every album, even the stuff that came out in the 2000′s that only the real fans purchased :-)   I also admit I can recite most of the  lyrics for all those albums, lol.  So in honor of my favorite teenage boy band, we have a special “112″ playlist.  Of course when it comes to your favorite male group you can never choose just 10 songs, so I broke this playlist down into parts. Because for 112, it’s that serious, lol:

Songs that you played when you were in love:

  1. Cupid (112, 1996)
  2. Be With You (Room 112, 1998)
  3. Call My Name  (112)
  4. Only You – Puff Daddy Remix (112)
  5. Love Me (Room 112)

Songs that you cried and then left him to:

  1. The Only One (Room 112)
  2. It’s Over Now (Part III, 2001)
  3. Love You Like I Did (Room 112)
  4. Funny Feelings (Room 112)
  5. Player (Part III)

Songs that you played when you were being a bad girl:

  1. Come See Me- remix (112)
  2. Anywhere (Room 112)
  3. U Already Know (Pleasure & Pain, 2003)
  4. Knock You Down (Hot & Wet, 2005)
  5. Sweet Love (Part III)

Not to mention the interludes, that proved a minute to be plenty, lol:

  1. Q, Mike, Slim, Duran (Part III)
  2. Sexy You (112)
  3. Anywhere (Room 112)
  4. You Are The Only One (Room 112)
  5. Keep It Real (112)

And last but not least, the song I’m convinced was made personally for me by 112 :-) :

Happy “Reminiscing About Your Favorite Male R&B Group” Ladies!! :-) xx

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