“…and my b*tch got on tights with a tact ass”: Workout Plan for 2011

Losing weight or getting in shape is always a popular new years resolution.  So for those that are looking to work on your curvaceous shape for 2011 :-) , here’s a great in picture workout by Joe Dowdell on the Fitbie at MSN.com called “The Get Back In Shape” Workout:

How to Do This Workout
Do the weight workout (exercises 7 to 12) three days a week, resting for at least a day after each session. So you might lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Do the cardio workout below twice a week, on the days in between your weight workouts. So you might do your cardio sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. (If you can’t find time to exercise 5 days a week, just do the cardio workout immediately following two of your weight workouts.)

Complete the warmup (exercises 1 to 6) prior to each weight workout. 

Cardio Workout
Warm up by walking on a treadmill at an easy pace—about 30 to 50 percent of your best effort—for 3 to 5 minutes. Then do this interval workout:

Raise the incline on the treadmill until you’re exercises at an intensity that’s 40 to 60 percent of your best effort. Go for 2 minutes.

Lower the incline back to 0 percent and go for 2 more minutes. That’s one set.

Do a total of three sets, then cool down for 3 to 5 minutes, walking at an easy pace.

During the course of this 4-week workout plan, try to work up to a total of five sets.

Move #1: Side-Lying Thoracic Rotation

Move #2: Body-Weight Lunge

Move #3: Low Side-to-Side Lunge

Move #4: Hip Raise with Knee Press-Out

Move #5: Plank

Get the rest of the moves, as well as in depth instructions for each move here.

And who better than Kanye to provide the upbeat music:


Happy “Keeping It All In Tact” Ladies!! :-) xx

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