Ladies, don’t let life’s “sunk costs” hold you back!!

One principle I never understood in Economics was “sunk costs”.  The example I always remember was, let’s say you start to build a building with your own money, but then you run out of money. In order to complete the project, you’ll need the help of outside investors.  So in a perfect world, you’ll go to every investor and tell them about the project, yet still no one decides to invest. Do you give up on the building that is half way done? In Economics, the money you invested in the building is considered a “sunk cost”.  The reality is that money is never coming back. You purchased materials and used them. You can’t go to the store with half a building and expect your money back.  The store knows that clearly no one wants half a building, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to return it.  At the time, I couldn’t understand the concept of letting go of the money I had already invested in the project. I mean we’re talking thousands of dollars here.  You don’t just let that amount of money go. I mean not where I am from, you don’t.  As I have been in a deep state of reflection and looking at the black community, I wondered if the problem was our “sunk costs”?!

Think about it.  The reality is slavery happened. That was a lot of years of free labor, to say the least. There’s no amount we can put to that.  Both in cash and in spirit.  So a physical cash payment as reparations in this day and age would be an insult. I mean again, what amount can you really put on the social ills of slavery?  What are you worth essentially? and not even just you, but all of those that came before you? Get deep people, I’m talking the assassination of Dr. King, a black man trying to empower his people to believe they can be something.  What amount would you put to Dr. King’s assassination? Because to accept a check from whoever is to put a price to that.  As young people, we’re so far removed from those before us, that we no longer know our worth.  I’m fortunate to have a big family.  For those of the same fate, you know the older people always want you to sit and listen to a story.  For those that sit and listen, you know the benefits that come with that.  Right before you’re about to do some stupid shit, Grandma pops in your head, lol.  For those not as fortunate to know the stories of the older people in your family, people like Dr. King told them.  Without getting all deep and philosophical, the reality is slavery is a sunk cost in America.   If you could really put your mouth to verbalize a price to Dr. King’s death, then my friend with all due respect I hope you like the hot weather; because you’ll be having a nice staycation there right after your time here.  There’s NO price and many of us carry that burden around.  Well, those that know the stories of the older members in their family.  And even those that may not have had a blood relative, but maybe listened to the old lady that always sat in her window from the block or your friend’s crazy dad, you get my point.  What I’m trying to say is when you don’t know the stories of those before you, you don’t know or understand that you can’t put a price to those stories, yet alone your story (if you have something of value to say). America is not giving out reparations checks.  If you even still think and talk about cash reparations at all, I beg you to go through every single post on this blog, please.  Because the purpose of Dynamo is to inform black women in America of her options to let her decide what’s best for herself.  In that information is the payment from America to us because this is what the free labor funded.  The college I attended, Smith, literally had “slave quarters” in the houses we lived in.  And that’s not to attack Smith because we need to see these things as reminders of the stories before us.  So ladies if you want to take pride in your alma mater, PLEASE DO SO. And your alma mater doesn’t have to be a literal institution.  It’s whom or whatever is your source for valuable information because NO ONE on this Earth can put a price on what you feel “when you sleep in slave quarters”, literally and figuratively.  It’s up to you to know you’re worth more than slave quarters and ACT accordingly.  To expect someone to owe you anything because you are black, is to put a price on Dr. King’s assassination.  The reparations are in the stories and information we share with each other when we love each other because there was a time when it was illegal to do so.  A time when we couldn’t speak to or love our men and our children were taken away at birth without question… the Lord knows what that time did. 

Well it’s not illegal anymore and when we exercise our God given rights to life and happiness, we’d be more inclined to share information and receive information with others trying to live life and be happy.  The reality is in our community a certain sex (my mouth has lost me enough friends :-) ), is still expecting some big payoff.  And there’s proof that this expectance is more prelevant amongst a certain sex in statistics. So no it’s not fair to stereotype everyone based on the majority, but that’s unfortunately a bad tool we have used to quickly assess strangers we interact with everyday.  Stereotypes make for great comedy, but the truth in those statistics are real. Dynamos, when we let our sunk costs in life hold us back, we lose.   Take pride in your ignorance and take even more pride when you grow from it and learn, because that’s what keeps the stories going.  No one is perfect and when we acknowledge this and try to better ourselves, we move forward.  Seek information to better your imperfections and share information constructively to better someone else.  It’s a sad day when educated men can refer to educated women as “pussy” and not recognize us as assets on their path to success. My mom told me, “only pussies get fucked“.  And Lord knows I shared (more like shouted, lol) that line to many in my life, because I refuse to be fucked.  I will demand to be loved and respected.   Know your worth and stop “sleeping in the slave quarters” girls.  It’s always easier said than done, but with the information that build your sense of self and people and things that add to that, you will not lose.  xx

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