“Go HARD or Go HOME!”: A Look at Perfect Competition

There’s something about when I win something that makes me feel good.  You know the feeling?! That “hahaha, #2 will NEVER be as nice as #1″, lol. Sorry, I’m very competitive :-) (Taboo, especially).  The key to that “#1 feeling” for me is knowing that I genuinely beat the best in whatever the situation may be.  In Economics this would be known as a perfect competition.  A perfect competition is pretty much when there is perfect information between competitors.  For some reason I always think of Floyd “Money” Mayweather when I think about a perfect competition.  Fan or NO, the reality is… he is the BEST at what he does.  To see him fight is a sight to see.  I mean, he literally talks shit the whole way through his win.  It almost forces you to be a fan, lol.  For those that aren’t familiar with boxing, Floyd Mayweather is currently the best boxer in the world.  I was forced to become a fan after his recent bout with “Sugar” Shane Mosley.  This was a fight he came out of lack of competitionretirement” for and still WON. I know I sound groupie-like, but seriously he really makes it hard not too; he’s undefeated.  That’s probably why he always comes to mind when I think of perfect competition, lol.  Now ladies, of course there’s always drama.  There is this Filipino boxer named Manny Pacquiao who’s also really good.  To see him fight, is to see the human replica of the Enegizer Bunny; he does NOT stop, lol.  When I think I’m at my wits end, sometimes I think of Manny and know there’s always something left :-)   He’s that inspirational.  Now everyone and their mother would like to see Mayweather and Pacquiao fight, BUT Mayweather wants to ensure that the fight is a perfect competition. Apparently there’s some mixup around drug testing compliance and Pacquiao’s team… is what people are saying. My grandfather calls that “politics”, lol. Anyway until there’s perfect information (and the urine proves it :-) ), we have to wait.

Moral of the Story: As we patiently wait :-) , we can take a lesson from all of this.  Mayweather shows us how to set up the perfect competition. The reality is to be undefeated is to be the BEST.  When you don’t earn your way through life, you mess up the competition.   In hiding information or cheating, you create unfair advantages.  Now the point of the game is to WIN, but not at the expense of the integrity of the competition. In trying to be our best everyday, we should channel our inner-Mayweather, lol.  Seriously, treat every decision you make  as you being in the ring with your title on the line.  It’s not only about your skills, but also your attainment of information concerning your opponent or decision.  As we make decisions everyday, I find the ones with the best outcomes usually have perfect or close to perfect information.  While you can’t control the actions of other’s, you can always govern yourself and attain as much useful information needed for your decision making.  In equipping yourself with information, you expand your physical skill capabilities with reason.  The winning combination of an able body and informed mind is what separates the Mayweather’s from the ‘defeatees‘ in life.  Cheating  always help with the attainment of a defeat, but to be the BEST and truly undefeated is to know your “winning combination” is what landed you on top at the end of a perfect competition. xx

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